Monday, October 23, 2017

She Loves Color 2017 Scrapbooking Event: A Review

Sometimes you don’t realize how much your soul is craving something until you are in the middle of an incredible experience, and it dawns on you how truly happy you feel. This was the case with the “She Loves Color” Scrapbooking Event hosted by Bella Blvd. This amazing Event is exactly what my spirit needed to feel rejuvenated, re-motivated, and full of joy.

The “She Loves Color” Event is held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a two-day event full of innovative classes taught by industry experts. This phenomenal event includes make-and-takes, giveaways, classes, cropping, shopping and more. And as a bonus they also offer a “Designer Day” with add-on classes taught by even MORE industry experts the day before the actual event begins.
While I was absolutely looking forward to this Event, I didn’t quite realize the level of happiness I would experience at this Event. Let me explain.
This year has been one filled with health issues, and I recognize (after this Event) that I have been basically working on auto-pilot. None of my health issues were life-threatening but the effects of discovering my Thyroid wasn’t working and eight months of Vertigo have taken a toll both on my body, as well as, my spirit. I didn’t feel unhappy, in fact throughout this year I have felt a great deal of joy. But somewhere along the line, I stopped being in the moment, truly experiencing what was going on around me, and staying true to my mantra “Make It Meaningful.”
I don’t feel bad or guilty about being on auto-pilot. That is a very typical and normal response when you are not feeling well. And sometimes all your energy has to and should go into working on something that needs more immediate attention than perhaps items or events that are not “necessary” but rather “joyful wants.”
At the opening ceremony, keynote speaker Megan Hoeppner spoke on looking for your “lollies.” She shared how much her young daughter loves receiving a simple sucker, and how she truly cherishes it and feels joy at receiving it. Megan encouraged us to look for own cherished and happy moments. She pointed out that often we use other people’s happiness (including our children’s) as a substitute for our own happiness, but that we need to find those moments and those things that personally bring us joy. Her speech resonated deeply with me, and I realized I was feeling bad about being happy when something went right for me, or something good came into my life. What an absolute waste of the gifts my Heavenly Father was sending me! I was spending all my time feeling bad about it, instead of using the gift to feel and spread more joy.

This kick-off speech was a foreshadowing of how the rest of the weekend would go. On Friday I wasn’t scheduled to teach so Celine Daures and I took a quick trip to the 3rd Ward in downtown Milwaukee. She introduced me to Anthropologie (thank you so much, Celine). We discovered a delightful paper shop where I did some damage of my own. And then we ended the afternoon at a coffee shop where I had the most delicious Christmas hot cocoa (think white chocolate and peppermint). This is another aspect of this Event. YOU MAKE TRUE AND LASTING FRIENDSHIPS.

There is something about scrapbookers and crafters. They are people who love documenting moments, who understand the connection between people, and enjoy encouraging and supporting others within their own community and around the world. At these Events, and this Event was no different, I hear story after story of women who don’t even live in the same state yet are the best of friends, all because scrapbooking or crafting brought them together. They are from different backgrounds, different cultures, different in so many ways and yet the SAME in the goodness of their heart. How could a hobby that brings people together so completely be anything but a HUGE gift (or “lollie” as Megan would say).

Friday night I had the opportunity to teach a tag make-and-take with Echo Park Paper. While some of the lines were long, the women were patient, appreciative, and kind. Make-and-takes ranged from shaker cards, tags, planner baubles, and mini folded albums. I love when attendees take the time to share their story, say hello, give a hug, and just spend a little bit of their life with me. That is yet ANOTHER gift that I love and treasure and truly makes me happy.

On Saturday I had the great privilege of teaching a mini album class sponsored by Echo Park Paper to three separate groups of women. Each group was divided into a color-inspired team. With only five to a table, the women had plenty of room to spread out, chat, and get to know one another. As a teacher, I got to wander, learn more about their talents, see their beautiful work, and receive more sweet hugs (and who couldn’t use more of those?). While the day was long, and my voice threatened to give out towards the end of the night, the women were patient and kind and pushed through the 2 ½ hour class. I was humbled by their generous spirits and sweet natures.

After a quick dinner break, attendees gathered in one room for the most amazing prize giveaway that lasted over an hour. Throughout the Event, women were given an opportunity to win colored playroom balls on which they wrote their name.  At the farewell event, balls were drawn from a huge spinning bin and women won prize, after prize, after prize. Each sponsor was so generous, and many women walked away with several incredible goodies.
It says something about an Event, that on the farewell night when they open up registration for the next year, nearly everyone in the room lines up to pay their deposit for the event. They feel the same way I do: THIS is an Event worth attending. It’s a “lollie.” It’s a gift.

If you are looking for a place to go with friends, or want to attend the Event on your own, I encourage you to watch the Bella Blvd website HERE for all the details. Registration will soon open and you’ll be able to sign up for this amazing weekend yourself. DO it!! Do it for yourself! Your soul needs this. Your Spirit needs recharging. And maybe, just maybe you also need a reminder that life itself is a gift and MEANT to be cherished.
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Quick Tip: Pre-Die Cut Shapes for Quick and Easy Card Making

Looking for a way to save time on card making? Try this "Quick Tip" by die cutting your shapes ahead of time. In this quick video I'll show you how you can quickly make die cut kits for future card making. It's a great tip that will help you have more time to create and less time to prep your cards. Take a moment to watch now!

You can watch the video HERE on my YouTube channel or below. Take a moment to subscribe to my channel now for additional crafting videos.

Shop the Products:

(Here are some suggested pre-die cut shapes I recommend for this tip. Click the photos to shop the supplies. Affiliate links have been used where possible.)

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Spellbinders Platinum Machine: Unboxing Video and Review

This post was generously sponsored by Spellbinders and who donated the products show. All opinions within are mine.

Looking for a manual die cut machine that does it all? Introducing the Spellbinders Platinum Machine. In this post, I’ll share an unboxing video and walk you through what comes in the die cut machine box. Then I’ll share with you the other items Spellbinders generously sent me so you can see what I'll be using the future to create some Autumn projects. A short video of this unboxing is included in this post, and a shopping list with links is also included for those interested in learning more about this product.

Spellbinders Platinum Machine Review:

- The Platinum die cutting machine is beautifully designed.
- It is compact in nature.
- It folds easily for crafting on the go.
- It is both light but sturdy making taking it with you to a crop a definite option.
- It works smoothly both with Spellbinders exclusive dies, as well as, other companies' steel rule and etched dies.
- The wider surface of the die cutting platform allows for larger die cuts.
- The $200 price point is a good option for those looking to add a high-quality die cutting machine to their tools.
- It is very comparable to the Cuttlebug machine (but with a larger cutting platform), and to the Sizzix Big Shot. Differences include a larger cutting surface, and more cutting plate options than is typically provided.
- Spellbinders offers a wide range of both steel rule and etched dies. The are well-known for their detailed etched die styles.

To watch the unboxing video click HERE to watch on YouTube or start watching below:

To see this machine in action, watch for crafting tutorial videos on my YouTube channel HERE.
To watch more tutorial videos, be sure to check out the Spellbinders YouTube channel HERE.
I want to extend a personal thank you to both Spellbinders and for the opportunity to work with this incredible machine. I use manual die cuts on nearly all of my projects, and was excited to try this new-to-me machine. I think it’s a wonderful choice for someone looking to start manual die cutting or looking to upgrade their current machine.

Spellbinders Die Cut Machine and Shapes:

(Click the product links below to shop the supplies. Affiliate links have been provided where possible.)

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Out of the Box #31: Echo Park Paper Dies and Stamps Release

This video was filmed with products provided by Echo Park Paper and Carta Bella Paper Company. All opinions expressed are mine.

Welcome to another "Out of the Box" unboxing video. In this video, I'm sharing some of my favorite dies and stamps from the recent Echo Park Paper and Carta Bella Paper collections. You can see some of the latest holiday dies and stamps, as well as, some other basic die shapes that were recently released. All products shown in the video are available for purchase, and links to those products are included both in the video description; as well as, listed below. Take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube channel for all my unboxing and tutorial videos!

You can watch the video HERE on my YouTube channel or below:

Shop the Products:

(Click the product images for product information or to begin shopping. Affiliate links have been used where possible.)

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Friday, September 01, 2017

Witch's Boot Candy Box

Did you enjoy the charming Halloween Treat Box I shared HERE last week on the blog? How about another but very different Halloween treat box for this week? This week I'm featuring a "Witch's Boot" candy box with a die cut designed by Lori Whitlock for Silhouette. Using a Silhouette cut file, I easily made this 3d candy box. The top of the box is open allowing for candy, notes, or a small gift. The bottom of the boot has a closure so nothing spills out. Rather than die cut it strictly from black cardstock, I used some NEW Halloween Paper from the "Haunted House" collection by Carta Bella Paper.

"Witch's Boot" Candy Box by Jen Gallacher for #jengallacher #halloweencraft #diecut #cartabellapaper #loriwhitlock

Here's a closer look at this project:

"Witch's Boot" Candy Box by Jen Gallacher for #jengallacher #halloweencraft #diecut #cartabellapaper #loriwhitlock

Shop the Supplies:

(Interested in making this project? Simply click the logo of the store at which you wish to shop. Affiliate links have been used where possible.)

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Halloween Treat Bag

I adore little gift bags I can give to friends and neighbors. This little Halloween Treat Bag is perfect for a small bag of goodies to deliver to those you love. It features the "Halloween Town" collection from Echo Park Paper. Watch for this "Project in a Minute" video to be featured on Echo Park Paper's Instagram feed HERE. They share a new project video each week so be sure to take a moment to follow them.

Halloween Treat Bag by Jen Gallacher for #treatbag #diecut #echoparkpaper #jengallacher

Here's a closer look at this project:

Halloween Treat Bag by Jen Gallacher for #treatbag #diecut #echoparkpaper #jengallacher

Halloween Treat Bag by Jen Gallacher for #treatbag #diecut #echoparkpaper #jengallacher

Shop the Supplies:

(Interested in making this project? Shop the supplies below. Click the store logo you prefer to shop with and get started now. Affiliate links have been used where possible.)

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Friday, August 18, 2017

"Autumn Memories" Card

Did you know that Echo Park Paper shares "A Project in a Minute" videos each week on their Instagram feed? You can follow them HERE. This month you can watch a video on how I created this "Autumn Memories" card. It features the beautiful "Hello Fall" collection from Carta Bella Paper. This card is very dimensional and includes stickers, die cuts, ephemera, enamel shapes, and MORE!

"Autumn Memories Thanks" card by Jen Gallacher for #card #cardmaker #jengallacher #echoparkpaper

Here's a closer look at the card:
"Autumn Memories Thanks" card by Jen Gallacher for #card #cardmaker #jengallacher #echoparkpaper

"Autumn Memories Thanks" card by Jen Gallacher for #card #cardmaker #jengallacher #echoparkpaper

"Autumn Memories Thanks" card by Jen Gallacher for #card #cardmaker #jengallacher #echoparkpaper

Shop The Supplies:

(Interested in making this project? Simply click your favorite shops to purchase the supplies used in this project. Affiliate links have been used where possible.)

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